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XIV ALAGO Congress

The Latin-American Association of Organic Geochemistry (ALAGO) is pleased to announce the XIV ALAGO Congress, to be held from 2-5 of November 2014, in Armação dos Búzios (Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil). It is a unique opportunity for technical and scientific exchange among scientists from academia and industry, as well as students worldwide, especially from Latin America. Oral and poster sessions, as well as key lectures, will take place at the meeting.

XIV ALAGO Congress Official Announcement - 2014.

XIV ALAGO Congress Official Announcement – 2014.

Courses (basic and advanced) focusing on the most recent advances in selected topics of Organic Geochemistry will be offered as pre-congress activities. Post-congress fieldtrips will show interesting aspects of the regional geology. Armação dos Búzios, particularly, has preserved rocks representing relicts of the so called “Brazilian Himalayas”, a huge mountain chain that broke up about 130 Ma and evolved to form the marginal basins along Brazil and West Africa. Today these basins are responsible for some of the most important petroleum discoveries made in the 21 st Century. Quite near Armação dos Búzios, lagoons with recent stromatolites also deserve a visit.

An exhibition of products and services will also be organized in order to promote technological discussions and business among the geochemical community.

Main Topics

  • Petroleum Systems
  • Unconventional Petroleum Systems
  • Gas Geochemistry
  • Source Rock Characterization and Organic Petrography
  • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Surface Exploration Technologies
  • New Analytical Techniques

Armação dos Búzios is a charming and picturesque fishing village held about 180 Km from Rio de Janeiro city. It is famous for its unique combination of incredible beauty, rustic charm, architectural harmony and sophisticated boutiques and restaurants, frequented by visitors who come from all over the world to savour its magic. We enthusiastically invite you to discuss recent developments in Organic Geochemistry research and enjoy your time in Búzios.

Looking forward to meeting you in 2014!

Further information:

Executive Committee

  • Carla Viviane Araújo – PETROBRAS
  • Carlos Bandeira de Mello – PETROBRAS
  • Debora de Almeida Azevedo – UFRJ
  • Henrique Penteado – PETROBRAS
  • Igor Viegas Souza – PETROBRAS
  • Joelma Pimentel Lopes – PETROBRAS
  • Maria Regina Loureiro – UFRJ
  • Ramsés Capilla – PETROBRAS

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